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The Mawanda Family 2017

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Monica, Bonny, Benna, Jesse, Daniel, & Hellen

A Message From Pastor Dan:

Hello. I am Pastor Daniel Mawanda.


Born 1972 in Magada Village Namutumba District. I join my wife Monica in 1992. We have 4 children but God bless us with many other children the orphans to care for them. I received Jesus as my savior in 1993.


In 2000 God send me in Word and Spirit seminary in a two years training after the seminary I started pasturing a church in the year 2004 up to now. Am a pastor and a evangelist my church is in a town called Iganga but God told me to go deep in the village to preach and teach his people. Here in Uganda pastors they don’t want to go in villages because people in the village are very poor. As I do the ministry in village I find many children abandoned father died and mother the twelve years elder child suffering to care for his or her brothers. I find many children not in school because nobody can help them to buy books and school uniform etc.

Me I came from a poorest family and my father failed to take me to school. I thank God for my beloved friend Michelle who always stands with me to give school fees for my children. Michelle praying also God to help me to build a house where I can be with many children.


I have a plan also to give goats and pigs to the widows who still alive to help them because if we give them goat’s pigs and chickens they can support their self.


Love always
Pastor Daniel Mawanda.
Discipleship Family Church Iganga {Uganda}

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"Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless,

maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed."

                                                                       -Psalm 82:3

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