Established February 2015

Nursery - Primary 6

Motto: Education for Development

Mission: To produce competitive citizens and to promote a sustainable and creative world

MD Standard School currently sits on a 1/4 acre (~10,000 sq. ft.) plot of rented land with 8 small classrooms and a modest area for outdoor activities. With a steady influx of local children eager to learn and seeking the opportunity for education, the school has grown tenfold in under 3 years. To help meet the needs of our student population, we currently employ 15 staff members including a director, headmaster, 10 teachers, seamstress, water fetcher, and cook. Not far from the school is a 2-acre plot of rented land on which we grow maize (corn) crops twice a year to feed the students. This versatile and cost effective crop comprises a large portion of the diet for the people of the Iganga region - $400 provides school lunches for 150 students for at least 6 months. To supplement these crops, The Mawanda Project purchases beans and additional maize during the off season and/or times of bad harvest.


Nakato Lydia


Magada Charles

Water Fetcher

Kayoodhi Evelyne

Nursery - Baby Class

Kagoya Hajira

Literacy | Mathematics | English

Nakimera Saidah

Social Studies | English | Religion

Nassuna Justine


Tegulwa Esther

Nursery - Top & Middle Class

Tibikobwa Mirabu

Literacy | Religion

Nalugwa Falidah

Social Studies | Science | Religion | Mathematics

Mawanda Monica


Namugaya Sharon

English | Literacy

Muchusa Bashir

Science | Mathematics

Namuganja Minisa

Mathematics | English | CRE

Thank You - Children of MD Standard School
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"Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless,

maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed."

                                                                       -Psalm 82:3

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